About Us

The diagnosis of childhood cancer comes like a thief in the night.....completely robbing a family of any and all normalcy, leaving emptiness, heartache, and a feeling of complete helplessness. Often times specialized treatments are only available at a great distance from the family's home which in turn forces one parent to take extended leave or even permanently leave his/her job. The parent left behind is required to maintain his/her job while also taking care of additional children at home as well as maintaining the household.

If you've never spent an hour with a child with cancer, then you can't possibly know the definition of true strength or courage. If you've never spent an hour with the parent of a child battling cancer, then you can't possibly understand the feelings of helplessness or fear. It's easy to sit back and feel sorrow and pity for the children and families, but sorry and pity aren't what they need, nor what they want.

Support, understanding and a sincere friend are the things these families need. We have made it our mission at the Chris Hope Foundation to reach out to these heartbroken and weary families. If we can lift one financial burden, hold a fearful parent's hand to pray together or place a smile on a tearful child's face....then maybe, just maybe we can restore a tiny piece of joy and HOPE into the lives of those who need those the most!

At CHF, we work diligently to meet these essential needs. We work around the clock to orgranize fundraising events so we CAN provide financial support. We selflessly give up our days off work to spend with discouraged families to provide emotional support. 

"Their laughter will make your heart melt. Their strength will make a grown person cry. If you ever see a child fight cancer, it will change your life forever."

Christopher B. Hope